PHI Seminar Speaker Series

The PHI Seminar Speaker Series launched in the fall of 2012 and is held many weeks throughout the academic year. Speakers include innovative thinkers in academia and the health and medical technology industries on topics ranging such as basic research that impacts PHI technology, development, deployment, and evaluation of PHI systems, innovations in related key technologies, and health technology innovation, dissemination, and entrepreneurship. You can receive notification of PHI seminar series events by subscribing to the PHI-Seminar announcement-only mailing list.

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Northeastern PHI Seminar Speaker Series

This is a one-way, low-volume mailing list for talk announcements in the Personal Health Informatics Seminar Speaker Series. Subscribers to the PHI list (see below) will automatically receive these messages. This is therefore the best list for those who ONLY wish to know about the seminar. The PHI list is the best list for those who want to receive speaker series announcements and other information related to personal health informatics. Join

Northeastern Personal Health Informatics

This mailing list is for anyone in the Northeastern community and Boston area interested in personal health informatics or related topics. Messages appropriate for the list include announcements of talks/seminars at Northeastern and in the Boston-area, calls for conference or journals papers, information about requests for grant proposals, announcements of upcoming events/conferences, announcements for open jobs that may be of interest to list members, and pointers to information on new, interesting innovations in personal health informatics. This list will include the PHI-Seminar announcements. All members of the list can post to the list. Join